"Beautiful Journey marks the return of an exceptional artist"

Kathy Parsons/MainlyPiano


"Someone in my position hears alot of material; most of it well-intended and sincere.  When I first encountered Brenda Warren's composition and her performances, however, I was simply astounded.  I was listening to an utterly unique artistic voice and a pianist with stunning compositional talent and technique to match.  Her work is deeply heartfelt and stunningly emotional...a glimpse into her artistic soul.  It's a good and joyous day when I get to experience finding such a rare artist."

     Will Ackerman, Grammy winning artist and producer & Founder of Windham Hill Records


 Beautiful Journey....

Produced by Will Ackerman

Engineered, mixed & mastered by Tom Eaton


Eugene Friesen (cello) Charlie Bisharat (violin)

Premik Russell Tubbs (wind synth, sax)

Tony Levin (bass) Michael Manring (fretless bass)  

Tom Eaton (bass)    Jeff Haynes (percussion)  

Jill Haley (English horn). Noah Wilding (vocals)                                                                                                       


"On Beautiful Journey Warren dials back the somberness while infusing these twelve instrumentals with a warmth and richness of emotion emphasized even more so by her near surreal control of nuance and tone.  With able assistance from Imaginary Road guest artists and the production team of Ackerman and Eaton. Warren has delivered a stellar follow-up to As Years Go By."

Bill Binkelman / Retailing Insight Magazine


"There is music in which one falls in love after the first notes. like love at first sight or in this case a piano performance by Brenda Warren. Close your eyes and let her hijack the sound of your heart."

Andre Schonauer/ Tidal Stream music magazine, Germany


"All you need do to become a 'believer' in Brenda's exciting and exceptional talent is listen to pieces like the opener "Imagine Spring"...

Dick Metcalf /Contemporay Fusion Reviews


"Reflecting on pianist/composer Brenda Watrren's latest collection. exquistely produced, intimately poignant, and spiritually transcendent."

 Jonathan Widran / The JW Vibe


"Brenda has created an intimate collection of songs that are filled with emotions and which skillfully conveys a wonder and awe about the world that surrounds us." Check it out on Bandcamp or Spotify. Either way you won't be disappointed."

Michael Foster / Ambient Visions


 "There is something so utterly charming about Beautiful Journey by Brenda Warren, she has a unique style  and creates such a blissful musical narrative with the piano,  it is a Beautiful Journey indeed "

Steve Sheppard / One World Music U.K.


"BEAUTIFUL JOURNEY is a musical voyage you don't want to miss. Highly recommended!"

Pam Asberry /  Enlightened Piano Radio


"In this amazingly complex and beautiful third album "Beautiful Journey" from the talented Brenda Warren, she has raised the bar even higher in the genre of New Age music, with this heartfelt and deeply emotional work, by taking a personal journey through all the many and varying aspects of life, love, joy happiness, sadness, sorrow and acceptance."

Janet Mawdesley / Blue Wolf Reviews


Beautiful Journey...

Nominated for Best Piano Album with instrumentation 2019 by SoloPiano.com

Nominated for Best Piano Album with Instrumentation 2019 by Enlightened Piano Radio 

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 Some quotes from past albums, "As years go by" and "Childhood Dreams"


 "Peaceful, spiritual, and yet melodic to the core- way better than you could imagine"

            "Austere, moody, mysterious and moving"

"Melodic, soft, with clear romantic traits"

               "Doleful and thought provoking"

"Deeply emotional and introspective"

              "Touching and evocative"

"Warren goes straight for the heart"


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