"Someone in my position hears alot of material; most of it well-intended and sincere. When I first encountered Brenda Warren's composition and her performances, however, I was simply astounded.  I was listening to an utterly unique artistic voice and a pianist with stunning compositional talent and technique to match. Her work is deeply heartfelt and stunningly emotional....a glimpse into her artistic soul.  It's a good and joyous day when I get to experience finding such a rare artist and I look forward very much to working with Brenda on her recording in November of this year".

Will Ackerman

Founder of Windham Hill Records


"Here's a beautiful gem of a recording, Brenda Warren's AS YEARS GO BY is touching and evocative, many of its tracks laced with a tender melancholy or somber reflection, yet never to the point that the inherent charm and beauty of the music is lost amidst too much dread and sorrow.  The best single word to describe this album would be intimate. Somehow, Warren found a way, no matter what the overall melody, mood or tempo of the piece, to impart a sense that she is giving us a glimpse inside her life, as played on the piano."


AS YEARS GO BY is an intensely moving exploration of the depths of the soul.  Deeply emotional and introspective, one senses the healing process of fully expressing oneself is taking place as we listen, healing our own wounds as we go."

"Brenda's music takes influence from the heart, the elements of the earth, Erik Satie and Joni Mitchell.  Her music is thought doleful and thought provoking. Just the way I like it.".

The second instrumental album by pianist/composer Brenda Warren is a quiet feast of beautifully expressive solo piano pieces. Although the mood is pensive and mournful, Warren's light touch and ear for gorgeous melodies keeps things engaging and even relaxing for a casual listener.


"As Years Go By" is an album that transpires sensitivity from all its pores. The music in on the whole, melodic, soft and with clear romantic traits."

"Warren's connection with her piano creates beautiful songs that convey deep passion for music and life."

"Brenda Warren, music to listen to in those moments when you need a bit of romance to remember the beautiful moments of life."

"Remarkably hypnotic,quite gorgeous,-you can't help falling under its spell"

"A nice album of solo piano improvisations, played by a raven haired beauty, with all the style and grace of a dream come true. "Childhood Dreams" sparkles with little stars wished on and remembered, evoking shades of pleasant emotion."

"As years go by" is an album that transpires sensitivity from all its pores. The music on the whole is melodic, soft and with clear romantic traits."

"Intentionally simpllifying her technique, Warren goes straight for the heart, infusing her music with childlike innocence, pensive gentleness and sparkling good cheer, flavoring her brew with moments of melancholy, introspection and heartwarming nostalgia."

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