Brenda Warren




"Someone in my position hears alot of material; most of it well-intended and sincere.  When I first encountered Brenda Warren's composition and her performances, however, I was simply astounded.  I was listening to an utterly unique artistic voice and a pianist with stunning compositional talent and technique to match.  Her work is deeply heartfelt and stunningly emotional...a glimpse into her artistic soul.  It's a good and joyous day when I get to experience finding such a rare artist and I look forward very much to working with Brenda on her new recording this year."

     Will Ackerman, Producer,Grammy Winning Guitarist and Founder of Windham Hill Records 



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New album coming soon...Spring 2018




some Quotes about Brenda's music....


             "Remarkably hypnotic, quite gorgeous"


"Peaceful, spiritual, and yet melodic to the core- way better than you could imagine"


               "Austere, moody, mysterious and moving"


"Melodic, soft, with clear romantic traits"


               "Doleful and thought provoking"


"Deeply emotional and introspective"


              "Touching and evovative"


"Warren goes straight for the heart"


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